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Why Wayfinder Software CMS Is A Must For Any Advertising Company

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The Wayfinder application is a client/server web based service for location and navigation of places and addresses and is a part of the Opensource project. The server consists of several client servers and is developed using Java and PHP. Many users are able to browse the Internet and find information quickly. Locator services using Wayfinder are provided for a fee by The Open Group.

The Wayfinder software is an abuzz discussion topic in tech circles. Users suggest, criticize, and endorse every aspect of the wayfinder software from the simplest use to the latest high tech features. Most of the suggestions made are either good ideas or have some validity. One wayfinder software feature that received a lot of attention is the suggested abuzz solution. Suggested abuzz refers to the recommendations provided to users in the Wayfinder interface to help them locate and address certain areas in a city or region.

To utilize the suggested option in the wayfinder, users click on the appropriate area of the screen and enter a starting and ending point, a route number, and a time. Once the user clicks the “Find” button, a map containing all the key points of interest will be displayed on the right side of the screen. The interactive map allows the user to narrow down his search by types of establishments, distances, districts, or by selected criteria like price, category, seating, proximity to a store, amenities, dining, and so on.

In order to take advantage of this feature, the wayfinder must be deployed in conjunction with an electronic smart board and a smart LCD screen. The abuzz feature can be triggered through touchscreens or through voice prompts. Through interactive mapping, it is possible to display dynamic floor plans, which can provide a great deal of information for the rider. In a dense environment where there are many potential points of interest, these dynamic floor plans can provide quick pointers to users without sacrificing visual clutter. Thus, interactive floor plans provide the best possible user experience.

Other innovative Wayfinder CMS solutions integrate multiple floors and kiosks into one comprehensive management system, enabling riders to look up multiple floors via a single interface. This offers the greatest possible level of flexibility and convenience to customers. Furthermore, it reduces the costs associated with integrating multiple floors and kiosks into the wayfinder CMS solution.

The greatest advantage of the touch screen wayfinder software solution is that it provides a cost effective way to conduct the day-to-day operations of the company’s fleet. The solution not only allows for easy navigation of multiple routes, but also for easy maintenance of fleet vehicles. This maintenance is done via onsite computer servers maintained by the signage company. By combining cutting-edge signage technology with cutting-edge web content management systems, the signage management CMS proves a superior solution over the traditional bulletin board solution.