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How Digital Wayfinding Solutions And Signage Can Improve Customer Engagement

Digital signage has taken the world by storm. In fact, it’s become so popular that corporations are investing millions in it in an effort to advertise to their consumers. But as they continue to see positive results from using digital signage, they’re starting to see it as a viable way to replace punchboards with digital signs, which can include maps, schedules and even entertainment. So what are digital wayfinding solutions?

digital wayfinding solutions

A digital wayfinding solutions system consists of multiple screens. Depending on the needs of a particular location, the screens might include different types of information or advertisements. The primary objective of these screens is to provide directions to a destination, and to do this effectively. Sometimes a map will be displayed on the screen, providing detailed directions such as “Rome is three miles away.” Other times, the directions will be in real-time, offering a fast, efficient alternative to a map.

Many companies choose digital wayfinding solutions because it eliminates wasted space, allowing them to place larger screens that feature more information, which increases conversion rates. Not only does the signage replace a bare bulletin board or list of directions, it also adds a layer of security. If directions are changed on a digital screen, the new information must be recalculated, which takes time. If a new employee arrives at the location and finds that the sign has changed, it will take time for them to enter their directions into the computer. With digital screens, all employees know the exact directions, instantly updating their computer screens with the new information.

Hospitals benefit immensely from digital wayfinding solutions in two major ways: they can help visitors navigate hospitals properly, and they can help visitors avoid fraud. When a visitor types in the wrong name or address, they may end up at the wrong location, wasting hours of valuable staff time as they try to locate correct information. Kiosks can also help visitors avoid scams by displaying only genuine hospital programs, helping visitors feel more secure when entering sensitive information.

One of the primary benefits of digital wayfinding solutions is the increased time saved during patient visits. Instead of having the staff have to individually browse through a bulletin board or multiple pages of listings, the entire listing can be displayed at one glance, creating an effective quick reference system. Because of this, patients are not presented with too many options when navigating. They just have to find the section that best describes their condition. The kiosks also create an environment where visitors can learn about different services and therapies, which helps patients feel more comfortable with the medical staff.

Another benefit is that digital wayfinding solutions and signage are able to provide accurate maps. Because a large amount of information can be displayed on one screen, even a small mistake can greatly simplify the process of finding the location of a patient. These maps can feature accurate street addresses and even point-to-point links. Because these maps are available in real time, even if the site goes down for maintenance, visitors can still be quickly and accurately located. In addition, many sites provide the option to update content. This means that if a new page becomes available, visitors can be automatically updated on its content without losing their place.

Finally, digital wayfinding solutions and signage can help deliver content across the board. A well-designed kiosk can include basic content like the schedule for the day or week, along with more detailed information about a patient group. This can include demographics, such as race, gender, and age. It can also include treatment options, such as radiation oncologists or alternative medicine clinics. If a map is available, it can show users the quickest route to a destination.

There are a variety of purposes and opportunities for which touchsource technology can improve any business. By using touchsource software, organizations can target certain groups of customers or certain types of locations, which allows them to significantly increase customer engagement. As the use of digital wayfinding solutions and signage increases in cities around the world, businesses can expect to see a positive impact on both revenue levels and overall satisfaction from current and potential customers.