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Digital Sanitizing Kiosks – The Benefits Of Using High Quality Signage Systems

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If your business is looking for a way to sanitize the products in your store then you should consider implementing sanitizing kiosks. A sanitizing kiosk is essentially an automated display that will kill germs and bacteria found on many products throughout the food service industry. These machines can be found in high profile restaurants, vending machines, and even convenience stores. Sanitizing kiosks are a cost effective and efficient way to help your employees and customers stay healthy by removing the germs and bacteria that may be found on the hands and in the mouths of consumers.

There are three main types of sanitizing kiosks that all employ safety protocols to help prevent infections from spreading. Wall mounting sanitizing kiosks, which come with either a free-standing installation or a hook up to a wall. Portable digital sanitizing kiosks, which utilize a USB connection to sanitize products in refrigerators, freezers, and hot tubs. Lastly, high-traffic sanitizing hand sanitizing displays which require users to swipe their finger into a reader before sanitizing their food or drink.

In the past, sanitizing kiosks used to be installed on restaurant floors but now many establishments are opting for wall mounting options because they eliminate the need for costly construction projects and workers. Portable sanitizing kiosks use a touch screen display that is similar to those found on traditional ATM’s and credit card terminals. Some companies have also introduced “smart chip” technology that communicates with the machines located outside the establishment to sanitize the products without the need for human intervention. Most kiosks communicate with customers by displaying a QR code on the display.

Another type of sanitizing signage includes the sanitizing signage that utilizes a digital screen instead of a physical one. A sanitizing signage that utilizes a digital screen will only need to be plugged into a power source and a display can be viewed by the public without having to make direct contact with the person sanitizing the product. The technology is similar to that found in ATM’s but instead of the line going down to the payment area, the system goes directly to the customer. These types of kiosks allow the consumer to view the sanitizing product without having to stand in line or deal with a person. Consumers can often save valuable time by knowing exactly where to go for sanitizing signage.

Another type of sanitizing signage is the automated hand sanitizer. An automated hand sanitizer works like an air cleaner. Instead of manually filling a container, the air cleaner automatically fills the container. These devices are often seen in public areas such as hospitals, parks and restaurants. Since these devices can be networked together, they provide the ability to sanitize multiple areas simultaneously.

The final type of sanitizing signage is the gel sanitizing kiosks. These kiosks work very much like the automatic hand sanitizing kiosks except they are networked together. These gel based sanitizing kiosks use electronic gel technology to sanitize items. They are also commonly found in public areas such as hotels, airports and restaurants. Typically these gel based sanitizing kiosks resemble a large, high tech hand sanitizing station. The consumer places their hands into the gel and as the device diffuses the gel into the liquid sanitizing solution, the item is sanitized.

In order to get the most out of these types of kiosks, it is important to have an efficient and fully integrated system that includes all three types of signage. For example, the auto-dispenser should allow the customer to choose from three different brands of liquid sanitizers while the hand sanitizing kiosks must incorporate a gel sanitizing agent so the hands of the customer are immediately covered with sanitizing solutions. In order to prevent cross contamination, it is important to always use the same brand and type of sanitizing solution. Also, in order to get the most out of the auto-dispenser and hand sanitizing kiosks, it is necessary to regularly clean and sanitize the equipment to prevent cross contamination. Finally, it is important to have the right signage so that customers know when they are hands-free and when they need to contact a sanitizing agent.

By providing customers with clear, concise signage which promotes healthy living and promotes good hygiene practices, it is possible to increase profitability while also improving customer relations. Furthermore, the right signage promotes a culture of safety within the establishment. When employees know that they are always within arm’s reach of a sanitizing solution or an information display explaining the proper hand washing procedures, it encourages them to practice good hygiene. Finally, digital sanitizing kiosks provide a high level of visibility, as well as a very loud and clear message about the importance of good hygiene practices. In addition to all of these important factors, a quality signage system increases the overall value of your establishment.